Hello, Darling!
I'm Sandra, and if you're here, it means we share a few important values in life — creativity, freedom, style, and personality. You trust the flow and you love creating, just like I do.

Photography is the medium that is very dear for me. I have started out in the world of fashion, then spent lots of beautiful years in the wedding industry, until I've finally found my passion in adventure and underwater photography. Each of these made a significant imprint on my vision of the world, but throughout all my creative assignments I wanted to stay and feel my feminine self.

So the idea for Jam Darling was born — camera straps & clothing that are feminine, elegant and beautiful, complimenting the female form and giving a sense of ultimate comfort when photographing.
We use sustainable Italian leather in our straps, and breathing wrinkle-free material in all out clothing


Our design team worked tirelessly to create a line that will satisfy most siscernng tastes, and we're proud we have achieved most beatuiul colour range, using all natural tanning ingredients.
You are more than welcome to send the product back within 30 days if you don't like it and we will return your money no with hassles!
If anything is broken by normal wear and tear we will replace it or the strap. We think it should last a lifetime so we stand behind our product and don't believe in a throwaway mentality – so yes anything wrong with your Jam Darling Strap send it over.