Ocean Heroes Children Book


We are all deeply passionate about the oceans and trying to live a plastic free life as much as possible. We are free-divers and photographers who while watching the amazing Plastic Oceans documentary with our kids, Elias burst out "We have to do something to help the oceans" and so we did. We have done many beach cleanups but quickly realised like Angelica said: "We can't keep doing this every day" - So we decided to write a Children's book to educate and inspire the new generation & their parents to help save the ocean from plastic pollution by prevention. 

2 years of hard work later this book is now ready!

Educating the new generation on plastic pollution is essential to end it and it's what we want to do through this children's book. Throughout the book there are facts about the ocean, plastic and the animals as well as a great story of the three kids that will inspire your little ones to become ocean heroes themselves.

The book takes you from the city where a little boy Elias lives - he finds out he has a super power to hold his breath under water. It's about how he with Alfie and Angelica set out to save the oceans on a vacation to Italy and how they meet the animals that tells them about the problems of the plastic. It's illustrated to inspire with beautiful images, not as a scare campaign - rather a way to show what can be done now. It's also about  blended families and the joy of coming together for a bigger purpose. 

THGE BOOK IS GREAT FOR KIDS 5-13 YEARS OLD - but even younger can enjoy the images,

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