Jasmine Jumpsuit

Our Jasmine Jumpsuit, a simple beauty.

Just like all our garments, it is hand-made by a top atelier that serves the Danish Royal Family. Sewn from a fabric that is not see-through and that is virtually wrinkle free for easy travelling which can be washed with care to remove any stains.

The perfect outfit for high end weddings to boost your appearance, style and brand.

All of our over-the-shoulder garments come with this ingenious "baby Jam Strap" no slip fastener that clips through your bra strap to prevent you dress from sliding down during work.

If you'd like your garment custom-made to your measurements and colour preference, please select CS option, and we'll contact you for your details.

You can also order in a standard size which can be returned if you don't absolutely love it.

Standard size order can be sent in to be tailored to your measurements, just keep in mind that personalised dresses can not be returned.

Custom orders take 30 days to deliver from when we get your measurements but cannot be returned.

  • No sweat stains show.
  • It comes in amazing almost wrinkle free material – so you can unpack it and wear it right away.
  • You can easily wear your normal bra underneath.
  • Custom made to fit
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