Frequently Asked Questions

Jam Darling
Can I rock the Jam Darling look?
Of course you can! Together with our designers, who are from the top of the industry, we have designed our line to highlight and enhance the female form while being practical yet stunning.

Often we (yes us women) tend to down-play ourselves and don't show our best side, fearing that we might look too dressed up. Darlin' allow yourself to glow, to look amazing and to feel good – I promise you it will change you and your business for the better!

Shooting a wedding while looking your very best changes the game – you go from being a nobody in black melted into the background, to a nicely dressed photographer in the background enhancing the day.

Don't fear being overdressed, we have presented the clothes at many of the biggest weddings and no-one is ever offended that you wanted to dress up for them and it is as a huge compliments from both couples and guests that you made the effort, and most importantly, pulled it off!

You are your business card…. So you need to show up as you want people to remember your business.
Are Jam Darling straps for women only?
We did create the straps with women in mind, honouring the shape and beauty of female form.

However, we do believe in equality and self-expression, and would be delighted to see men rocking our collections too!
We can make straps to order in larger sizes and colour so just contact us.

Your clothes — will they fit and what size do I need?
We offer a three tier fitting option;

  1. Standard European sizing, we keep these items in stock for quick delivery.
  2. Tailored fit; you can send us your standard size garment to be personalised to better fit you at no extra cost.
  3. Custom made to measure. Provide us with your measurements for a truly unique garment at no extra charge.

Allow for the 30 days + delivery on custom garments and special offer products. Custom made items cannot be returned except for craftsmanship defects.

For personalisation of standard sized clothing you just need to cover shipping costs. Once adjusted, clothing may no longer be returned.

What's your returns policy?
Our return policy is hassle free replacement or repair. We stand behind out products.

We love our our camera straps and know you will too, so if anything should ever go wrong during normal use of our straps, we will make it right! Be it by repair, or replacement – we will make sure you are set to shoot! All our camera straps have a hassle free, lifetime guarantee.

For our clothing line we offer a 2 year guarantee for craftsmanship and material defects.

If you are not absolutely satisfied with your Jam Darling purchase we are happy to accept exchanges, returns and refunds on items in original condition, within 30 days of your receiving it.

Personalised and custom made garments are not eligible for return unless due to fabrication defects.

You can learn more here.

How should I take my mearsurements for custom-made clothing & personalisations?
Contact us and we will gladly help you out! However here is a useful guide:

Bust size: Measure around your chest, at the fullest point of the bust.

Waist size: While standing up straight, bend at the waist to one side. The crease that forms is where your natural waist is located; measure there. This is usually the smallest point as well.

Hip size: Standing with your feet together, measure around the fullest part of the hips.

Stride length: Start with the tape measure at the waist, bring it down under your crotch, up around and back up to the waist in back. It's key to include any curves of the belly and butt into this measurement; otherwise, your pants will feel too snug.

Hollow-to-Hem Measurement (Length): Your hollow-to-hem measurement is determined by measuring from the center of your collarbone (hollow) to the bottom (hem) of your dress. It's very important that you wear shoes with a similar heel height to those you will be wearing with your dress.

With personalisations you need to be super careful to get it right! Make sure you are very clear and if possible provide photo of the part you want to modify with an indication of how you want it changed. Contact us and we will gladly walk you through the process to make sure you get it right.
What's your camera strap warranty policy?
Lifetime – if anything is broken by normal wear and tear we will replace it or the strap. We think it should last a lifetime so we stand behind our product and don't believe in a throwaway mentality – so yes anything wrong with your Jam Darling Strap send it over.
What if I don't like the product?
You are more than welcome to send the product back within 30 days if you don't like it and we will return your money no with hassles! Just remember that is needs to be in origin condition in the original packaging for a return and refund.
How much weight can my camera strap carry?
The straps can cary more than you darling – so don't you worry – any camera body including lenses are all good! 🙂