Hello, Darling!
If you're here, it means we share a few important values in life — creativity, freedom, style, and personality. You trust the flow and you love creating, just like us.

Frustrated by a lack of camera straps that fit with the feminine, Sandra set out to create a line that represents female photographers and casual elegance that could fit anywhere.

To Sandra, Photography is precious. She started out in the world of fashion, then spent many rewarding years in the wedding industry, which is where Jam Darling was born. Jam Darling creates camera straps, accessories & clothing that is feminine, elegant and beautiful, comfortable yet functional and complements the female form.

When Sandra met Joe she discovered his initials are JAM... coincidence or destiny - you decide!
Joe is also a photographer, adventurer and the lawyer behind the contract template.
Together they took on getting Jam Darling off the ground, developing ideas for what our photographers need to work in and look amazing.
Joe is the Product R&D manager. Having lived in Italy, he works closely with the artisans that produce our products with top quality leather by hand.
Sandra's main focus is on the pretty, feminine grace, while Joe's is on functionality and together it equals awesomeness! We now have a growing line of accessories and we can also produce one of a kind traps or colours or make personalisations to our products to match your personality.

We are here to serve you and solve your problems, to make you look great so you can just focus on your Jam. We stand behind out products and all Jam Darling camera straps come with a lifetime no hassle guarantee.

Jam Darling might have been born for women but a lot of men rock our straps too.
When Sandra and Joe are not developing new products or shooting amazing weddings at the most prestigious venues around the world, they go on adventures from climbing the mountains to free-diving the oceans.
We use sustainable Italian leather in our straps, and breathing wrinkle-free material in all out clothing


Our design team worked tirelessly to create a line that will satisfy most siscernng tastes, and we're proud we have achieved most beatuiul colour range, using all natural tanning ingredients.
You are more than welcome to send the product back within 30 days if you don't like it and we will return your money no with hassles!
If anything is broken by normal wear and tear we will replace it or the strap. We think it should last a lifetime so we stand behind our product and don't believe in a throwaway mentality – so yes anything wrong with your Jam Darling Strap send it over.
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